IOM's continuous growth and success is reliant upon our growers


IOM Grain contracts many different varieties of food grade soybeans.
Below is a listing of the soybean varieties we are contracting this year.

Varieties we contract include:
  •Clear Hilum Soybeans
    eMerge 389 (pdf)

    Becks 327 (pdf)
   Tiger Soybeans (pddf)

  •Dark Hilum Soybeans
    eMerge3520 (pdf)
    eMerge 3782 (pdf)
    Pioneer 93B82 (pdf)

 •Generic Non-GMO Soybeans

A Few Facts About Contracting with IOM Grain

· Our delivery period for contracted grain is
   October 1 through August 31
· All contracts are Buyer's Call contracts
· Multiple types of pricing options are available
· Premiums over CBOT
· Delivery point is Portland, IN
· Fall delivery options available

For more information contact:
Erik Loucks

For more Information contact:
Eric Loucks  877-283-8882

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