IOM Grain produces many different varieties of food grade soybeans

soy field

At IOM Grain, we currently process 6 I.P. varieties


Clear Hilum Soybeans
Tiger Soybeans
eMerge 389
Becks 327

Dark Hilum Soybeans
eMerge 3520
eMerge 3782
Pioneer 93B82

Generic Non-GMO Soybeans

We are always interested in new varieties, so if you do not see the
variety you are interested in, please contact us to discuss the possibility
of adding it to our list.


Our plant can be configured to package the grain in a variety
of ways to fit our customers' needs. Currently we package in the
following forms:

1 Metric Ton Tote Bags
3 Ply Paper or Poly Bags at various weights
Bulk export container
Bulk domestic truck
Bulk Rail
Custom Order Packaging
End Products



Our grain is used by our customers to produce a variety
of food products.
Some of these products include:

Soy Milk
Soy Sauce
Tiger SoybeansTM our retail branded soybeans.

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